20.09.2017 00:00

Crazy Animals

Animals and Crazy Boys

Welcome to the exhibition from Oct20 2017 (opening on 8pm) until Nov 15th 2017 in Osteria Allora, Wallensteinlplatz, 1200 Vienna, Austria. A picture series (woodcuts), which illustrates a novel interpretation fo the "Max and Moritz" story by Berthold Janecek is presented.

15.09.2017 00:00

Statins and Bisphosphonates

Statins and Bisphosphonates against cancer

Our work on the mechanism of action from statins and bisposphonates against cancer has been published in the International Journal of Molecular Science.

14.06.2017 00:00


Bloomsday 2017

Welcome to the art presentation "Molly Bloom meets Odysseus" on July 7 7pm, with special guests such as Berthold Janecek (songs and "couplets") and Franz Novak (guitar compositions). A series of prints from my new "Odysseus meets Ulysses" woodcuts is shown there until July 14th 2017 in Club International C.I. Payergasse 14, 1160 Vienna

05.12.2016 00:00

LBG Health 2016

LBG Health Meeting 2016

Four posters from my co-operation with the Ludwig Boltzmann institute for Osteology have been presented at the Health Meeting of the Ludwig Boltzmann Society in Vienna (Nov. 28th and 29th 2016) See also >>publications >>>epigenetics in this website.

19.03.2016 00:00

Do leukemic cells support the osteoblastic niche?

Bone and leukemia

The poster and lecture entitled: 

Do leukemic cells support the osteoblastic niche?

from my presentation at the spring meeting from the Austrian Society for Hematology and Oncology (Mar 17-19, 2016) are now available for download from publications-general (lecture) or epigenetics (poster).

02.03.2016 00:00

Epigenetics Stress and Gender update Mar2016

The updated lecture on epigenetics, stress and gender from March 2nd 2016 is now available for download in "publications - general".

06.10.2015 00:00

Epigenetics Lecture Autumn 2015

Epigenetics Lecture WS 2015

My lecture on epigenetics is now available for download.

17.04.2015 00:00

Epigenetics and Mevalonate Metabolism

Epigenetics of Vitamin D and Mevalonate Metabolism

An overview of our work on the epigenetic mechanisms of vitamin D-action and synergisms with the demethylating drug decitabine is presented at the "Epigenetic control of hematopoiesis and leukemogenesis Symposium in Strasbourg" on April 21st 2015.

A great article on the epigenetic action of statins and bisphosphonates with a special focus on the anti-cancer action of these drugs is about to be publshed in the journal "Cancer Genetics" and available for download. This article is complemented by a poster presentation at the Spring Meeting of the Austrian Society of Hematology and Oncology (>>Publications >>Epigenetics).

06.10.2014 00:00

Lectures and Art

Lectures and ARTsalon

My recent epigenetic and cancer lectures are available in the section "publications" >> "general" in PDF format. The "artistic" vision of epigenetics and molecular elements were shown at ARTsalon from Oct. 24 to Oct 26 in Kunstraum Alsergrund, Alserbachstr. 35, 1090 Vienna

13.05.2014 00:00

New art

New Artwork

Welcome to new artwork  at 

05.02.2014 00:00

Collages & Paintings at Bepop

Exhibition Bepop

Welcome to my exhibiton from February 15th (19:00) until March 13th 2014  with collages and (over)paintings in Cafe-Restaurant Bepop (Breitenseer Str. 39, 1140 Vienna)!  Most of this artwork was done in co-operation with the artist and philosopher Josef Schweikhardt at Atelier Flow.

26.11.2013 00:00

Epigenetics in OKTO TV

Epigenetics Outside the Box

An expert talk on epigenetics (in german language) with Dr. Alexander Haslberger, DDr. Johannes Huber and me is now in the OKTOTHEK from OKTO-TV .

30.08.2013 00:00

Dance Drawings

Viennese Waltz

On Saturday Sept 28 (6pm) the Exhibition entitled Walzer - walzer.traum will be opened in the dancing school SVABEK (Judenpaltz 8, 1010 Vienna) which is also engaged in the opening of the famous Viennese opera ball. My drawings of dancers on the newspaper STANDARD will be presented until the end of the year 2013.

29.08.2013 00:00


Double Helix

The exhibition "Double Helix" - Doppelhelix will be presented in Wasserturm Vienna (Windtenstr. 3, 1100, Vienna) on September 18th at 6pm. The spiral shaped ramp inside the Wasserturm inspired four artists (Andrea Pierus, Wolfgang Kellner, Walter Köstenbauer and me) to perform an artistic interpretation to the 60-year anniversary of the discovery of the DNA-structure. This exhibition is shown until September 20th.

29.08.2013 00:00

Charity Sept13

Charity September 13

On September 13 at 6:13 pm my  works are presented in a charity exhibition for victims of the flood in early June 2013 (Gallery Kik 3001 Mauerbach Kaunitzg 31.) 

28.08.2013 00:00

Cats 2013

Cat Dreams Charity

Thanks to all visitors of my charity exhibition "Cat Dreams" (Katzenträume) in the Restaurant "Gschamster Diener" (Stumpergasse19, 1060 Vienna)! - The organisation "Hoffnung für Tiere Gnadenhof"  which takes care for about 60 cats and 40 dogs has already got a gift from the sale of a first series of pictures. The exhibition is open until Sepember 25th.

09.01.2013 00:00

Exhibitions in September and October 2012

2013 Exhibitions

Welcome to exhibitions with my paintings starting on Wednesday Jan 16 (19:00) in Gallery Club International (Payergasse 14, 1160 Vienna), then there will be two exhibitions in Vienna Travel Gallery (Wiedner Hauptstraße 152, 1050 Vienna) the Exhibition Luna Dreams starts  on Jan 24th, 19:00) and "Lebensströme - (Livestreams) starts on February 7th. On May 25th, my "Cat Dream" exhibiton will be opened in the Restaurant "Gschamster Diener" (Stumpergasse 19, 1060 Vienna.