Sports Nutrition

Here is a short review on sports nutrition, which includes personalized aspects such as genetics, epigenetics and individual microbiomics

Paintings with Text Vernissage Journal 2021

The journal "Vernissage" (issues from May-June p57, July-August p53 and October-November 2021 p59) showed some of my paintings with associated texts on the subjects Science (Wissen und Schaffen), Working (Arbeit und Leistung) and Climate Change (Klimawandel)

Curious Bugs and Wicked Birds

Here is my funny collection of crazy animals

Virus and Nutrition

This minireview ( Mechanisms of selected functional foods against viral infections with a view on COVID-19, in the journal Functional Foods in Health and Disease 2020; 5(10):195-209 ) summarizes some interesting facts on nutritions which have the potential to counteract viral infections and to support the immune system.

Bone Marrow Universe Booklet

Here is the Booklet authored by Peter Valent and Heidrun Karlic. It shows a symbiosis of artwork (overpaintings of microscopic and electron-microscopic images) and the scientific background of Bone Marrow disorders.  The work is firstly presented in an exclusive Art Exhibition in September 2020. 

Epigenetic Lecture WS2019

Here is the 2019 version of my Epigenetic Lecture. 

MaxMoritz with my Illustrations

An illustrated version with my woodcut-prints of the famous Max and Moritz - Story (from W.Busch): the text is re-interpreted by Berthold Janecek using so-called Schüttelverse- this has appeared in the Bravda Journal 2018 3/4 (edited by Prof. Gotthard Fellerer), download is allowed for non-commercial use.

Mevalonate Pathway

Together with my long term colleague Franz Varga, I wrote the chapter on "Mevalonate Pathway" for a "Third Encyclopedia of Cancer"

Sequencing Lecture

Together with Clemens Heitzinger from the Technical University of Vienna, a lecture is presented for students from multiple faculties

Do leukemic cells support the osteoblastic niche?

Here is my presentation from the spring meeting of the Austrian Society for Hematology and Oncology (Mar 17-19, 2016).

Epigenetics Stress and Gender update Mar2016

Here is the updated lecture on epigenetics, stress and gender from March 2nd 2016.

Epigenetics Stress and Gender Jan2016

Here is my lecture from Jan 15(2016) for the prostgraduate study "Gender Medicine"

Vorlesung Stress, Gender Epigenetik

Spectrum Onkologie

This series of reviews on Cancer Stem Cell Research has been published under my supervision in German language in the journal Spectrum Onkologie in February 2012.

Menschen Mythen, Moleküle - Bilder und Gedichte

Here you see the pictures from my exhibition in "Tunnel Gallery" in October and November 2010, together with poems from Sonja Henisch.

Endosteal Niche and Cancer Stem Cells

This is a recent article emphasizing the importance of the endosteal niche for development of cancer stem cells (in German language)


Review Article in WKWO (Wiener Klinische Wochenschrift), Vol 122/13-14/ 423-436 and Editorial on page VI.

Neue Erkenntnisse in der Tumorstammzellforschung

Osteocalcin Attenuates T3- and Increases Vitamin D3-Induced Expression of MMP-13 in Mouse Osteoblasts

Recursive causality in evolution: A model for epigenetic mechanisms in cancer development